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Push Notifications

Alerts lets you receive instant, real time updates about the happenings of Bittensor. Subscribe to preexisting templates or create your own custom alerts!

How does it work?

After having subscribed to certain types of alerts, whenever an event occurs that satisfies the conditions you have set, tao.bot will ping you by sending you a message on Telegram. The message will include the type of alert, the most relevant information, and a link to detailed information.

What kind of alerts can I subscribe to?

There are three main types of alerts:

  • Protocol Level: Alerts about the happenings of Bittensor as a whole, such as a subnet registration or deregistration.

  • Subnet Level: Subnet-specific alerts, such as if and when a change request was pushed to a subnet's Github.

  • Price Alerts: Set custom alerts regarding the price of TAO or Dynamic TAO.

Protocol Level Alerts
  • News from the OpenTensor Foundation

  • Bittensor Improvement Proposals

  • Subnet registrations or deregistrations

  • Registration cost falling below or rising above set target

  • Governance

    • Voting and Outcomes

  • Patches, forks, fixes

  • Unusual network activity (such as longer blocks)

Subnet Level Alerts
  • Subnet-specific news

  • Github updates: pushes, branch creation, forks, rollbacks

  • Miner registration/deregistration

  • Tag specific miners, either yours or those of interest, and track:

    • Emissions earned

    • Deregistration

    • Rank among miners

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