What is Bittensor?

Very briefly, Bittensor is an innovative decentralized network designed to facilitate the creation, sharing, and monetization of machine learning models, particularly focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and neural network models, although not necessarily limited to AI. The platform incentivizes participants by using a cryptocurrency known as $TAO, allowing developers, data providers, and validators to earn rewards for their contributions to the network.

New to Bittensor? Check out these community resources:

Official Website: bittensor.com

Official Documentation: docs.bittensor.com

OpenTensor Foundation: opentensor.ai

OpenTensor Twitter: x.com/opentensor

Official Community Website: bittensor.org

Bittensor-CLI Cheat Sheet: bittensor.org/btcli-cheat-sheet

Taostats: taostats.io

Taostats Bittensor Docs: docs.taostats.io

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