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Performant nodes are critical for an edge when dealing with blockchain based applications. At tao.bot, we provide high-performance and low latency infrastructure for Bittensor Network queries and transactions.


tao.bot offers one click node creation, the two types are as follows:

Dedicated: These nodes are for top .1% performance. This is the right fit for use cases where any downtime can be catastrophic, such as a decentralized protocol or mission critical application. Dedicated nodes come with a standard load balancing mechanism for routing transactions to 2 concurrently hosted machines. This allows for fault tolerance, allowing a system the ability to continue operating despite any failures or malfunctions that could occur to a specific component.

Community: These nodes are a cost effective option for good RPC performance. This is the right fit for use cases such as casual use of the tao.bot assistant, and gathering on chain alpha. Community nodes are shared between all users that opt-in, allowing for cheap pricing.

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