💵Revenue Share

How does revenue sharing work?

Revenue sharing is directly tied to staking. Similar to projects like PAAL AI, the revenue earned by the tao.bot protocol is split into three pools, depending on how long a user has locked their tokens. Pool A: Locked for 56 Days Pool B: Locked for 28 Days Pool C: Locked for 14 Days

Pool A receives 92.5% of the reward, Pool B receives 6%, and Pool C receives 1.5%.

Every day your tokens are staked, you receive revenue share in proportion to your stake in the pool. You will continue to receive revenue even after the token lock ends, until you unstake your tokens. And as the name implies, you cannot unstake your tokens during the lock period. For more detailed information about Staking, visit the Staking page.

What is shared?

The Revenue Share is composed of two main components:

  • The Trading Tax: 1% of all trading volume, or 20% of the trading tax, is shared with all stakers of $TBOT

  • Protocol Revenue: 40% of all other protocol revenue is shared. This includes the 1% Protocol Fee and 25% Arbitration Fee levied on the Lightning Bridge, and will include fees such as those on inference (in Accessing Bittensor), in Sniping (tips), in Alpha memberships, Nodes, Smart Delegation Post BIT001, and in Trading Dynamic TAO Post BIT001

How do I receive my revenue?

The Revenue Share is automatically deposited into your primary Ethereum wallet every day if the total amount is over 0.1 ETH. If your daily earnings are lower than 0.1 ETH, it will occur automatically whenever your total pending rewards exceeds 0.1 ETH. You can change (lower or raise) the amount need to send in your settings. Note that the gas fee to send you this ETH is deducted from your reward.

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