🐣Getting Started

  1. To get started using tao.bot, visit our TG bot here: t.me/trytaobot

  2. Once in the chat, call /start to start the bot and pull up the Home menu.

From this point on, you can call either /start or /menu to pull up the Home menu. You can also call /help to pull up a list of all commands available to you.

  1. That's all! Now our bot is at your fingertips, allowing you to explore the Bittensor ecosystem! Each button on the Home menu has its own page here on the docs, with detailed guides for if and when you get stuck.

  2. Note that some features will require a wallet, such as the bridge. If you wish to use the bridge, you will need to create an Ethereum and/or Bittensor wallet depending on the direction you are bridging. For example, if bridging from WTAO to TAO, you will need to create an Ethereum wallet in the bot and have a Bittensor wallet ready to receive TAO.

  3. To do so, visit the Wallet menu by clicking on Wallet in the Home menu, or by calling /wallet. From there, if the menu seems intuitive enough, create your wallets. Otherwise, visit the following section of the documentation:

🔏pageCreate a Wallet

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