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Bittensor is complicated, even for AI experts. On top of that, there is no single unified source that can give a beginner a full look at the whole network and it's interworkings.


The tao.bot Bittensor Assistant is an LLM based helper with a strong understanding of the Bittensor Docs and Codebase. Additionally, the bot's knowledge base is comprised of a subnet's GitHub repository, recent announcements on X, and syndicated information from reputable sources like a subnet's community discord and founders.

You can ask tao.bot assistant:

  • How the Bittensor network works, with direct links to the source

  • Recent updates announced a subnet's team on social media

  • To script and run btcli queries including but not limited to: Validator permit cost,

  • To explain a project's codebase including but not limited to: Incentive mechanics, miner integration, and historical data regarding de-registrations

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