📖Address Book

How is the Address Book used throughout tao.bot?

Think of the Address Book as a shortcut or clipboard containing the public addresses of wallets you wish to receive funds. There are two main purposes of the Address Book:

  1. Shorthand: Easy and quick way to select a wallet when interacting with the many features throughout tao.bot, instead of having to paste it in and risk human error.

  2. Expansion: Allows you to set wallets you either do not control or are not imported into the bot as wallets to receive funds related to your actions on tao.bot. For example, if you are bridging from TAO to WTAO, the bot will have to control your Bittensor wallet; however, notably, the bot does not have to control your Ethereum wallet as it's simply receiving funds.

What wallets can I add to the Address Book?

You can add any Ethereum or Bittensor wallets to their respective Address Books, including wallets you already have in / created by the bot.

How many can I add?

Both the Ethereum and Bittensor Address Books can hold up to three wallets, totaling six.


A detailed guide will be out shortly

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