🔏Create a Wallet

Remember to save your mnemonics in a safe and secure place!

I didn't save my mnemonic, can I recover my account?

Unfortunately, we cannot as we do not store your private key nor your mnemonic. As soon as you notice that you've misplaced your mnemonic, it is imperative you take advantage of the transfer functions to send your funds to a wallet for which you still do have the private key or mnemonic. For more information on how to send out your funds, visit the Send Money page.

How many wallets can I create?

There is currently a maximum of 10 wallets of each type, meaning you can create up to 20 wallets, with 10 Ethereum and 10 Bittensor. This limit will be raised in the future, possibly for all users and certainly for stakers of $TAOBOT.

To navigate to 🏦 Wallet, start by calling the bot with /start.

Then either click on the 🏦 Wallet button or call the 🏦 Wallet Menu with /wallet.

From here, either select Ethereum or Bittensor to create, view, and interact with wallets on those respective chains.

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