🛠️Managing Wallets

Why set primary wallets?

Understanding how to manage your Bittensor and Ethereum wallets within and related to tao.bot is key to a smooth and highly productive experience. This section focuses on selecting your top three wallets, known as ethW1, ethW2, ethW3 and as bitW1, bitW2, bitW3, for quick and easy access to your funds when features throughout tao.bot.

How many can I add?

You can set up to three top wallets for each chain, totaling six. The are known as ethW1, ethW2, ethW3 and bitW1, bitW2, bitW3, depending on the chain.


To view your wallets, start by navigating to the 🏦 Wallet Menu, or calling it with /wallet.

From here, either select Ethereum or Bittensor depending on which chain you wish to view.

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